Homeowners Trust TNT

Making the decision to rent your home is a very difficult one. It is fraught with many issues that can keep you up at night. Hiring TNT Property Management is the right decision to protect your investment while generating maximum income.

Why TNT Property Management
  • Single & Multi Family Experience
  • Constant ROI Focus
  • Up To Date Accounting Systems
  • Proven Marketing Programs
  • Extensive Association Alliances
TNT Property Owner Advantages
  • Property Owner Transparency
  • Quarterly Property Owner Reports
  • Accurate Property Projections
  • No Renewl or Setup Fees
  • Access to Property Tenant Information

TNT Management: Investor Metrics

The Following Metrics are constantly monitored on behalf of our investors

  • Property Days on Market
  • Expense Trends Per Property
  • Response Time for Property Repairs and Make-Ready
  • Local Rental Property Rate Trends
  • Property Net Flow Cash Analysis
  • Local Rental Inventory Trends
  • Capitalization Rate Per Property
  • Median Personal Income Trends