We have been clients with TNT Property Management since May of 2011. During that time Suzanne Parsons has done an outstanding job of iistíng, leasing, and handling maintenance issues for our properties. She is always quick to communicate any tenant issues to us and then follows up to communicate the outcome. We feel fortunate to have someone with Suzanne‘s skills handling our property management services.

Property Owner
Sharon and Dan Wallace


Detail Oriented

I recently signed on with TNT Management to lease a home that I have in Ft. Worth, Texas. Prior tousing TNT, I had managed the property myself, long distance from Midland, TX. In addition to leasingthe home for significantly more than I was able to, Suzanne has taken care of all ofthe details that were proving to be a real nuisance for a long distance landlord. l had an issue With the roof in which shingles needed to be replaced and another issue in which electrical work was required after a storm caused a tree limb to fall onto the power line to the house. In each case, the issue was repaired quickly and relatively inexpensively. The funds from the lease payments are automatically deposited into my account.

Prior to hiring TNT management to take care of this property, I was ready to sell the house because of the hassle to find and keep leasers; and take care of the house. I’ve been very pleased with the service that I have received.

Property Owner
Tim Frosch

They Drive Results

Whether you are buying your first lease property, or considering leasing out your homefor the first time, I highly recommend TNT Property Management. They not only provide you with their expert knowledge, they drive results. Within 3 days they had my first trial property leased for more than I had before! I ’m along distance owner/investor and TNT Property Management is second to none. I have absolutely no concerns and I have happy, paying tenants due to their management. I feel extremely fortunate to have TNT handling my real estate!

Property Owner/Investor
Barbara Lucci